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Default Hedgie Not Gaining Weight?

So I don't know if I'm being worried or not, but it seems like Pompey isn't gaining weight like he should be.

He was about 250 grams when I brought him home, and he was around 9 weeks old. He's about 16 weeks now, and he's stalled out around 300 or so. It's varied just a little for about four weeks. He's starting to look a little thin in my opinion, but it's hard to take a picture cause he wants to move too much. In any case, I expected he might weigh more than that by now. His parents were both around 500 grams.

I'm thinking that he is running a lot more than I think he is. I intend to get an odometer for his wheel, but I just haven't gotten to the store.

His food it at 15% fat right now. He finally figured out that mealworms are, in fact, food! I've been giving him anywhere from 5-9 per night, but I think I might need to up the fat in his food? If so, can anyone suggest a brand or two? Blue Buffalo and Royal Canin are both readily available at my store, but some of the other popular brands are nowhere in sight.

Also: when do hedgies get fully grown?
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