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OK, got it! Found the thermostat that my emitter plugs into to control. I couldn't quite grasp how this worked, was envisioning needing an electrician, lol, and despite pics, just didn't "get it." Anyway, found this thermostat at PETCO and, voila, we're hooked up. I elected to pick up the hedgie Thurs. so I can be sure all is well before she comes home - and it's closer to my son's b-day on Friday.

Dora'sdaddy - sorry if I confused you. This "emitter" bulb screws into a ceramic housing but isn't round like a bulb - looks like a coiled up snake fused together and flattened. I haven't clamped it onto anything yet as it's in a remote location in my room - trying to keep my son from seeing it. I noticed the cage wires were warm to hot, so I moved it a little, but probably should clamp it so it isn't resting on the cage.

It was registering 82 as it shown down directly onto the hut for the hedgie that had the thermometer sitting on top of it. I presume it will lower a bit if I clamp the lamp up higher and put the thermometer on the side or bottom of the cage until the little one arrives.

Thanks for struggling through this with me - I honestly thought I'd have to splice wires and get fancy and I could see the house going up in flames....

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