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Default Re: Ceramic heat emitter and thermostat???

I bought a Fluker's Clamp-Lamp for incandescent bulbs or ceramic heat emitters, rated 150 Watt. I bought a 100 Watt bulb (it was that or a 50 W) to go inside of it which is a flat bulb that emits no light. It had the temp at about 76 in my room for the hour it was on and my a/c was on at 69.

I didn't see anything like Immortalia mentioned, but I will continue to look.

Thanks for trying to help me. I don't think I'm looking in the right stores and do not want to go back to that reptile place that traumatized us on Sunday (threw a live mouse into a snapping turtle pit in front of one of my horrified sons and a bunch of cheering weird characters.) I hope I have more luck at another place I was just told about or that PETCO has something.

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