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Default READ ME: Multiple accounts

This post is a warning.

If you have more than one account on this forum, you need to report it to one of the administrators and tell them which account you want to have deleted (or which you wish to keep).

There are several users on here who are using more than one account at the same time and are telling us they are different people. I hate to tell you this we can view your IP address. When you log out and immediately back on using the same IP address, it isn't hard for us to tell that you are lying to us about not having multiple IDs or that you do not know the other person.

This forum logs your IP address when you post, when you register and when you log in. Administrators can view that and compare it to other users.

This is your chance to come forward and be straight with us. Tell us which account you wish to keep. Those that do not and continue to use multiple accounts will find ALL accounts deleted, and if it continues may find their IP addresses banned from this forum.

This warning is in place for 1 week. After one week accounts will start to disappear. Anyone creating a new account just to stir up trouble will find all of their accounts deleted.

This warning is being posted by me for all staff members.

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