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Default Ceramic heat emitter and thermostat???

YOU MUST have a thermostatic heat controller or the ceramic heat emitter will be on full blast and cook your hedgie.
I am quite confused here. I just bought a ceramic heat emitter, a 100 watt bulb and a reptile digital thermometer w/ humidity measure. I realize the humidity isn't an issue, but that's how the thermometer came.

Is the above quote from Reaper indicating that my ceramic emitter should have a thermostat as part of it? Is what I've bought inadequate? I actually found the XL cage at another pet store, so I may be able to get the hedgie tomorrow, however, I want the temperature to be maintainable and correct. Should I take back the emitter and bulb I bought (was careful not to damage the packaging) and search for another? I've got the thermometer in there now as I wanted to see how it was in the morning, but I'm very worried that I have no control over this emitter - can't turn it up or down unless I get a 50 watt bulb (the only other choice.)

Please advise.
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