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Thanks for the great feedback everyone!

I'll take it slowly with introducing treats. I wasn't so much trying to do it to spoil him so much as I'd like him to eat more than he has been. I guess I'm somewhat impatient and it pains me to think that he's starving himself b/c he's stressed from his new environment.

Yea, I have been mixing in some of the pretty pets w/ the innova, but not by much. My previous hog loved it as she had been raised on it (she was my first and I got her from a pet store, the new guy is from a local exotic breeder). I'll stick to the higher quality stuff, thankfully he hasnt taken to the pretty pets.

I contacted the breeder and got the exact mix that she had him on, and I've weighed it out. Here's hoping the bowl is lighter in the morning.

Oh, and here are some pics of Griswold (crummy quality, but I havent uploaded the ones from my Nikon yet):

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