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Originally Posted by bmaditz
Originally Posted by HedgieGirl519
Gutloading means feed the vegetables before you freeze them. So put a carrot or broccoli or something else in with them. The insects will eat it and gain the nutrients. Then when the hedgehog eats the insects, he's also getting the nutrients .

I use liners. Liners are the most recommended and safest option.
Okay so I would need a container to keep the crickets in then?????? Any suggestions??? His cage will eventually be two levels, but I didn't want to overwhelm him when I first brought him home. Right now his cage has care fresh ultra white bedding in the bottom. When I add the new level I'll use a liner with that one

I use this for mealworms: http://lllreptile.com/store/catalog/rep ... flat-home/
And this for crickets: http://lllreptile.com/store/catalog/rep ... er-keeper/

You can get smaller ones though. I choose the biggest ones because that's the size I personally needed.

For the two levels, make sure the second level and ramp is completely, 100% enclosed. Hedgehog have poor eye sight and easily walk over the edge, which can cause internal bleeding.

If you can, I'd switch to liners for both the top and bottom. There is no need for the CareFresh
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