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Default Re: Cage Cleaning and enrichment

Personally I wouldn't let a cage go over 1 week without a full clean. No matter how clean it may look, there is still lots of bacteria. Especially since they get poopy feet, then run all over the cage, spreading bacteria. And bacteria grows fast. At school we grew bacterial unknowns to figure out what they were and within 24 hours, the dish was already loaded. So I always clean once a week, better than risking an overgrowth of bacteria that could upset their digestive system and causing more problems and needing meds for GI tract upset.

As for insects, if your breeder never fed insects before than it is best to wait. Once your hedgie is more adjusted to new home, then you can start slowly introducing new treats. Waiting until 4-5 months may be overkill, most usually wait about 2-4 weeks after arriving home, depending on how they have adjusted. However, if you are planning a kibble change, then yes, all "new" treats should be held off until kibble transition is complete.

Also, don't feed freeze dried insects. The process makes the chitin very hard to digest and has caused impactions before. But you can freeze your own. Buy some crickets, gut load them for a few days, then stick them in the freezer.
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