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Default Re: First Hedgie--Attacking Papertowel?

After many sleepless nights and finally relegating myself to the couch in order to get a decent amount of sleep I entered my room this morning to find the paper towel completely destroyed.... -__-. So. I found myself going to walmart to try and find something.. ANYTHING to replace the paper towel without needing washing, because I am doing enough of that as is because my poor Loki was diagnosed with Mites. So his bedding is getting washed often... Sigh. Anyhow. I ended up picking up some plastic shelf liners. The flexible kind and I am thinking I might try using that without papertowel over it, which sucks because I lose the absorbancy for pee, etc. But I might finally get some sleep, however I am worried he may try to chew on it... which would be bad... Any thoughts?

-Thanks for all your suggestions. But he is definitely a digger. He does it in his house, and in his carrier, and when I am holding him. I tried making a pile of fleece next to his tube to dig in but he isn't remotely interested in it... -__- Definitely living up to his name. =P
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