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Default Re: First Hedgie--Attacking Papertowel?

My Icarus would always attack his paper towel at night. I used it in his stainless steel cookie sheet that is meant to be a litter pan. Before he started entertaining himself with the paper towel, it worked great as a litter liner. And then I had to start cleaning the tray daily because he would move the paper towel and pee and poop would run off his wheel right on to the cookie sheet.

I thought that maybe wrapping more than one piece of paper towel around the cookie sheet would keep him from being able to play with it. I was wrong. It was very noisy those nights when he tried and tried to pull the paper towels until he finally got pieces off. This was no fun... his cage is right next to my bed.

Fortunately, I seem to have solved this problem.

I wrapped a long piece of fleece around the cookie sheet, much like the way I tried to fix the problem the first time. The fleece is the same width as the litter tray and about 4 feet in length. He did not find the fleece interesting or fun to play with, most likely because it's the same fabric I use for his bedding. The fleece works great as a litter liner because of how absorbent it is. Also, he can dig with all his might and the fleece still will not budge because of how many layers are wrapped around.

I only had one piece of fleece with the right dimensions for this make-shift litter liner and recently had to go back to the paper towel. So far he has not tried to move the paper towel liner.

Hope this helps!!
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