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Default Re: hedgehog dosent like bedding??????

Carefresh or the other bedding you are using, isn't the best for hedgehogs.
Reasons not to use Carefresh:
- messy
- expensive
- can cause impaction if ingested
- DUSTY (Which can lead to breathing issues)
- the green hides any off coloured urine or feces
- dries out feces making it difficult to find and tell if hedgie's poop is normal
- because it hides urine and feces, often people won't clean the cage as often as it should be
- dries out their skin and gets stuck in their quills

The bedding most recommended here is fabric liners. Fleece is the easiest to use, as it doesn't have to be sewn. You can also use cotton or flannel, but it must be sewn.

You can get fabric from any fabric store. Just go on Google and type in something like "Fabric store (your city)". Buying while fabric is on sale is much better, as you can often get great deals. You can also buy online from

http://www.fabric.com/ (Type fleece into the website's search bar)

Anti-Pill fleece is the best, if you use fleece.
http://www.joann.com/fabric/fleece-fabr ... ll-fleece/

Cut fleece strips and put them inside the house. You have to use fleece for this, other fabrics fray which is dangerous. The threads get wrapped around feet, toes and legs, leading to amputation. I cut my strips 1"W x 10"L.
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