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I know I'm late on responding. But this actually ended up being a happy ever after story for everyone! The town I live in is a military town so people are constantly moving in and out and even worse impulse buying. But ill get back to that. A few days after I last posted, someone got ahold of me because I had posted an old cage on Craigslist and mentioned it was a hedgehog cage. The girl that got ahold of me asked if she could meet my hedgehog and asked me a bunch of questions and told me she and her husband had been doing tons of research and found a pet store that had one. So I asked and of course it was the same hog I had been trying to come up with a way to acquire. I was so excited to see that it was about to get a forever home! I explained to them he was temperamental and they insisted they didnot care. They got a cage from me which was a big cage, and even asked about wheels! I was so happy! Then I got to meet the little guy. Once he was out of the store he was completely different. Still a little ski dish but sweet. He opened up long enough to see his gorgeous face and bright red eyes. So there was a happy ending for him! And there's more! Since I had been saving for him,ii decided to see what else I could get my little guy and I stumbled on an ad for a hedgie for $50 that a couple had gotten at that same pet store! They said they wanted to get rid of him (which was actually a her)because their dog bothered it. So me being me went to get this hog and come to find out, their boxer had gotten a hold of the poor girl. She was luckily okay. She had no wheel and a dog food bowl just full of some diet food that was mostly meal worms. And a case of mites. All is well with her though. Were still working on finding foods she will eat and she is on a kick where she won't eat unless she's on my lap. But were working through it. My husband decided to name her Mrs. Zelda and my other hedgehogs name is mister sonic. Im so glad things worked out how they did. I have a lot of guests at my house and she loves the attention and mister sonic loves that she gets the attention so he can curl up with someone and sleep. They don't pay attention to each other if they're both out, which is only when two people are watching them. Soon happy ever after for two hogs that were put in a bad situation because of this pet store.
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