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Default Re: First Hedgie--Attacking Papertowel?

Originally Posted by Hillybean
some hedgies like to dig. The paper towels could be new to him, so new thing combined with him wanting to dig, and there you go. You could something else in his litter box, news, or a bedding product like carefresh, fresh world, etc. He will still probably dig, but it might not be as noisey to you.

Some of us offer a dig box, which has fleece scraps in it for our hedgies digging pleasure. Some hedgehogs are diggers. You could also get a hedgie hat, being under it might help.

The hats can be bought here: http://quillsnthings.webs.com/accessoriesforsale.htm
Thank you... I unfortunately do not use a true litter pan as Loki refused to climb into it and would push it out of the way and do his business behind it, beside it, etc. So I just use a plastic lid lined with paper towel. However maybe I will try the dig box to deter him from digging the paper towel... It's worth a try! Thank you =)
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