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Default Re: Is my cage okay?

There is plenty of extra room in the cage apart from her igloo and wheel, about a whole square foot, actually.

The noise doesn't bother me, we don't sleep in the same room.

I don't use the green CareFresh, I use white. I'm not sure about fleece lines though... I'm sure they're good for the hedgie, but I don't want to put a piece of cloth with poop and pee all over it in my washing machine. Seems kind of repulsive to me. :P

Her room is controlled. It is kept at 76 degrees Fahrenheit. The fleece doesn't cover the whole cage, it stops about two inches from the bottom. The cage is only covered at night, in hopes that she may get used to sleeping at night and being active during the day. Regardless of the fan, the air is still not cold. I keep the fan on at night to increase ventilation and turn it off in the mornings. Perhaps I should have elaborated on that a bit more.

I doubt I will be making my own cage, if I get one at all. I would buy before I made.

As for the Carolina Storm Wheel, It would fit perfectly in my cage. But there is also a good chance This, too, will not change, because the problem I have with it is cleaning and that's minor.

Thanks for your help! I may try a fleece liner one time... Maybe... LOL.
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