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Arrow Is my cage okay?

So, I've had Dory for 3 weeks this Saturday! Yay, we're finally getting used to each other! Anyways, I think I have everything, but please, if anything is wrong, let me know!

My cage is a large sized SuperPet guinea pig cage. Contrary to what I've heard, Dory has never tried to climb the walls and for the most part doesn't do much at all.

For a wheel, I use the 12 inch Comfort Wheel. It's a little noisy and difficult to clean, but efficient nonetheless, though I do plan on purchasing the CSW.

The bedding I use is all natural CareFresh. i don't know if the 'All Natural' part has any effect, but I thought it may be better? Who knows. I started out with pine, but then I heard that it causes skin problems. And it gets all over everything.

I have a large igloo

Two ceramic bowls for food and water

A hedgie bag I bought from a breeder.

I have a ball and a small stuffed duck for toys. ( which she never even touches, and that concerns me that my hedgehog might be a tightwad )

I have no heating for her. She is in a temperature controlled room and if the fan is ever on, I put a fleece blanket over her cage.

I have no idea how to go about litter training which is why I haven't a fleece liner. Or a litter box.

I would also really like to switch to c&c cage someday for easier access to the cage.

I started out pretty cheaply because I wanted to get my quilly friend ASAP! But I don't think I skimped out on any major aspects.

Thanks for all of your help!
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