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Default Re: Likely silly, but advice?

He gets holding time at least an hour, dimmed lights, tried the shirt thing.

Vet said to me he had nothing wrong, bloodwork is fine. He was hard to unball for the vet too, stabbing and full on predator mode. But at least the vet didn't find anything but my check for 278 dollars.

he's being given some pedialyte, clear stuff, and I've still been counting his kibble to make sure he's not over eating. Nothing treat wise is working, I tried the suggestion above, but he does not want them. Loves his kibble and water, nothing else. Still running on the wheel like a champ. I did soak his feet and am working on the nail trimming.

Still bit at a loss about the stool and nothing working for treats. I can wait for him to warm up, if he does, to me. Just worried I'm not enough for him with the intense balling, stool issue, and not wanting treats.

but thanks for the advice, I had hoped I could figure it out after I initially posted but that failed.
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