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Default Re: Is Beach Bum Hedgehogs ACTUALLY a good breeder?

Originally Posted by HedgieGirl519
Originally Posted by HedgeQuarters
- Because they dont ask alot of questions before you buy a hedgie is just being polite. They dont feel the need to budge in to your personal business. Not only that but as a hedgehog breeder myself you pretty much get the just of it just from talking to the person. You can tell whether or not they are serious or just looking to waste your time. I dont agree that it is right for breeders to ask 50 questions first and anylize you with stupid questions that dont have anything to do with the hedgehog or does not matter.

-Recomend using against fabric fibers. I would too, because if the hedgehog chews on and swallows the fabric fibers they can get wrapped around inside the stomache and can die. Also if they get them around their feet or their arms they can lose blood flow and their arm or leg would have to be amputated. So in a sence that is smart.
I need to respectfully disagree with you.

I feel that a good breeder needs to ask questions. A breeder who will sell a hedgehog from asking no questions isn't a good breeder. You have no clue how that hedgehog will be treated or if the new owner knows anything about hedgehogs, or even has the right information. A different breeder that I have a deposit with asked to fill out a questionnaire with about 30-40 questions. None of the questions were stupid/pointless. There was questions were about the caging, wheel, nail cutting, grooming, food, lighting, heating, handling, cleaning, other pets, age, children, etc. All of which are important. Who would sell to someone without knowing that they actually are knowledgeable about hedgehogs? IMHO, that's a bad breeder. Because to me, they come off as if they don't care about the hedgehogs.

Fabric liners are the most recommended bedding on this forum, mostly fleece. If a hedgehog chews and swallows pet bedding they could die as well. They would only get strings around their feet or legs if you didn't make the liners properly. If you use no-pill fleece, you are fine. If you use flannel or cotton and sew it, you'll be fine.
I disagree as well. A good breeder wants to ensure the person buying one of their babies is knowledgeable about hedgehogs and knows what to expect from a hedgehog. Too many hedgehogs end up in rescue because the owner didn't know enough about hedgehogs and their care before buying.

Liners are the most recommended bedding and not just on this site. Of course breeders cannot use liners with moms and babies, but there is no reason why they can't use liners for the males and for the girls when they aren't pregnant or have babies. I used liners for all my hedgehogs except the expecting girls and new moms. Once babies were weaned, back to liners she went. Liners are only dangerous if they are not made properly.
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