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Default Likely silly, but advice?

I've just got Watson and while he came from a breeder, he wasn't what I expected when I got him home. I've not owned a hedige, I admit, but I have friends who do so I've interacted with several before this. The pics and such I got of Watson before he came home showed a pretty friendly sort of guy, good disposition, but that's not what came home.... I'm loaded with questions and pics, so please forgive me

watson's now 15 weeks old, i've had him for 3 weeks, and I think he's about the largest hedgie I've seen. Here he is at the breeder at 10 weeks.

even balled up grumping, hissing, popping, and sounds like the predator.. he's massive now at 15 weeks

This is him with a regular sized mouse for size comparisons:

He eats just fine, drinks well, runs like a champ on his wheel. He refuses mealies, chicken, eggs, sweet potato, pumpkin, yogurt... everything but his kibble. What in the world do I do to treat him? AND, his poo is liquid and smelly. He has the worst diarrhea, poor guy, brown and normal colored but just liquid all the time. Has started that in the last 2 days despite no change in food, water, stress, or anything I can tell.

He's nothing but balls of quills, we have a snuggle sack and he'll let me hold him in it. Until I breathe too hard or move, then it's stabbing and those predator noises. I'm at a loss what to do. I can't do nails like that, and he just balls without warning so when I get help to try, he stabs them and they refuse to touch him (even with fleece)

He will let me touch him, all the while hissing and growling, but never without those stabby quills in me.

he will unball if no one breathes or touches him, sitting on my desk to type.

I just don't know what to do. Loose stools, really not into being remotely handled, and not taking treats.

I love the guy, immensely, but I'm at a loss what to do now to help him get used to me, and just overall be happier.
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