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Default Re: Hedgie's falling off their wheels?

Be patient, your post hasn't even been up for a day yet. I've never noticed any of the hedgies I've cared for falling off of their wheels or having problems with slipping despite using bucket and cake top wheels, but that doesn't mean they haven't done it when I'm not around. I'm not sure how violently your hedgies are falling out of their wheels, but that seems a little concerning that they can't balance themselves... every 5 seconds is really often. I'd make sure the wheel isn't tilted too far, like you mentioned, other than that don't really have any advice. Is the wheel spinning freely, does it "snag" in a certain spot? If the wheel seems fine, it might just be your hedgie's habits. Some run closer to the inside, some run farther out on the edge where it's easier to slip.

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