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Default Re: Ideas and questions before I adopt!

So I have started to set up my cage:
I am not sure yet if I am going to use the loft area, but if I do I will probably put the wheel up there. I have some fleece for lining and will be collecting more, and plan on doing some sewing for bags/hats/etc. There's an outlet on the wall behind the end of the cage, so I plan to hook up a surge protector and all my devices to that outlet. I also have a set of black grids, which I'm going to use to make a lid; I just liked the coloured ones for the cage itself
I have two CHE bulbs and lamps, and have still been looking for a thermostat. I may need to head up to northern Alberta May long weekend, so if I do I will stop by some pet stores in Edmonton to see if they have some (and pay no shipping and one less tax!). If not, I will order online.
I have a few more questions, though (sorry!):
-Zoo Med 500R vs Zilla 1000w? Is one better than the other, or is it personal preference? I know the Zilla has 3 ports, but I don't need the third (unless I get another hedgie & cage later on)...
-It got up to 82F here yesterday, and my apt got up to 86F. I plan on setting up the thermometer a few weeks before I get my hedgie to find out exact cage temperatures. If I were to put a flower pot or tile under the loft area in the shade, would that be sufficient to keep him/her cool until I got home from work (6 P.M)? If not, I have an A/C in my apt, but it's loud and energy guzzling, and I myself prefer a warmer apt. I was hoping to put the cage on a table, but I think it might be better on the floor to keep cool.
-I use this lamp http://www.walmart.com/ip/Hometrends-We ... p/16543271 in my living room, and there is a smaller table lamp the same style as well. The floor lamp is about 3' away from the cage. The large uses a 100w bulb and when it's on, there's enough light to read, do crafts etc., but it's not as bright as the foyer overhead lamp (due to the paper shade). If I set up the timer to the lamp and moved it right next to the cage, would that be bright enough? I bought a clamp style desk lamp, but the light from the lamp is more even, instead of shining directly in the cage. If it's not bright enough, I will hook up the desk lamp instead
- I am making a dig box to put some fleece and stones in out of extra coroplast. How high should I make the lip? is 1" enough?
I'm so excited, waiting to hear from the breeder that my name's come up on the waiting list...I'm so worried that I'll have the cage put together and waiting, only to hear I won't be getting a hedgie this year...
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