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Unhappy Another hedgehog nail problem.

Yea, another one.

My hedgehog has a serious nail problem. Every few days now, I have found her with a bleeding nail. I find it, I examine it. The nail is always askew. And always, within a couple hours, the nail itself is completely gone and I am stuck with a very upset hedgehog.

So far this has happened twice, both times on her front feet. I'm waiting on the third time as we speak. I saw the blood an hour ago and the nail was askew.
I clip her nails, yea I know how, but clipping them hasn't helped the problem.
There are also no rough surfaces here. My floors are hardwood, and I use carefresh in her cage. She plays in plastic and cardboard tubes. Where in **** would her nails get caught?

Generally after the nail comes off, I wash her foot and apply polysporin. She usually sleeps off the pain and doesn't chirp up until it's scabbed over.

My hedgehog is minus three nails in two weeks.

-Why are her nails being ripped out?
-How can I prevent this?
-Is there a better way to treat her nail-less toe?
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