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Default Re: About to be new hedgehog owner, I have a few questions.

Very select few will actually get off their wheels to potty, and you'll find out soon enough that your baby will poop ALOT. You'll be astounded at how much comes out haha. Poopy wheels and the poopy feet that come after are just another piece of hedgie parenthood. You'll have to clean the wheel every day or every other day, same with foot baths. Best options for litter are either just a paper towel, or Yesterdays News is popular.

If youre gonna build a loft as part of your C&C make sure all the sides are enclosed so your hedgie wont take a tumble off the edge and injure itself. Hedgehogs have poor depth perception, so they'll walk off heights without a second thought.

Teddysmommy covered the fruits and veggies lol. As for foods, most here like Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul, but thats being recalled for salmonella atm. I myself use Evolve brand Kitten formula and Wellness Indoor Health. Others like Blue Buffalo, Gold Kats n Flocken, Royal Canin Babycat is popular for babies because its higher in fat for their development and the pieces are small, Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck and various other flavors, and Innova. You'll want to be sure they have real meat as the prime ingredients, with no fillers.

As for other hedgie raising tips, snuggle as much as possible except for the first day lol. Give them time to get used to the surroundings for a day or two. Gonna be hard to resist because of how adorable they are as babies But after that you should snuggle with your baby with a snuggle bag until they get used to you. There will be a lot of huffing and puffing, but dont let that daunt you. Even something like letting them snooze on you while you watch tv is valuable bonding time

Rest peacefully and sweet dreams little Thalia 8/25/2012 Mommy and Daddy miss you <3
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