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Default About to be new hedgehog owner, I have a few questions.


I'm about to get my new two month old hedgehog in two weeks, and all of this is pretty new to me. I've researched a ton, of course. But still, I think it would be easier just to have it all laid out in front of me instead of remembering all that I've read.

So a few questions.

I'm buying a C&C cage, but unsure about sizes. I plan on buying the 6x2 grid with the 2x2grid loft, which is suppost to be really big. Is that too big for a hedgehog? Should I get a smaller cage or is that a good size for him?

Second, what are fruits and veggies a hedgehog can eat? What brand of catfood do you suggest? What soft brands as well? I plan on giving him hard boiled eggs, cooked chicken, and crickets as treats.

What toys do you recommend?

What kind of cave do you suggest? A tent? An igloo with a snuggle sack? Or any others?

Should I buy both a flying saucer and CSW? Or will one make him just as happy?

Tips on litter training? It won't be too late to start training at two months right?

What other hedgehog raising tips do you suggest?

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to be as thorough as possible.

Thanks a ton! (;
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