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Default Re: My Hedgehog has extremely dry skin?

Originally Posted by lukachu
Hi, lily has been on a diet (a mix of hills science plan and James Wellbeloved senior with live mealworm and cooked chicken as treats) and it has been a huge success. However, she has started to get dry skin. I want to try flaxseed oil to see if this helps and was wondering if there are any preferred brands to use? Is it better for her to ingest it or wear it?
You can do both. There's no preferred brand, just make sure there are no additives. Using a kind that comes in capsule form, rather than a bottle of liquid, will last longer; the liquid kind goes bad a certain amount of time after you open it, whereas the capsules can theoretically last for years. You just puncture one with a needle, dribble some on the back (parting the quills if she'll let you so it can get to the skin better) and some on the food.

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