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Default Re: is my new hedgie sick?

thanks so much for the helpful reply! i gave Harrison a bath today with baby aveeno soap and a bit of oil in the wash and hugged him until he was completely dry! he's still scratching, but not nearly as much as before.

i haven't noticed any especially dry patches or dandruff at all, and he isn't losing nearly as many quills as the first week he came home. there are also no bald patches. i looked at the skin under his quills and there are some white patches (kind of like pores?) as well as spots- but most of his quills are white so i'm just not sure if his skin is just brown and white or not? ;A;

the diet from the breeder is a food that she makes herself- "Pokey Crunch" and it has quite a bit of stuff in it (including dry mealworms- which i've been picking out of the food before giving it to him. this seemed to help the poop problem a bit) and i'm trying to find a good cat food mix to slowly switch him over to- but i need to do a bit more investigating on brands and such x_x the antibiotics seemed to help a bit, but his poop is still solid but relatively runny. today was his last day on the antibiotics, though- so maybe it'll get a bit better

and okay! it's reassuring to know that not all hedgies love wheels! i'll keep offering it to him, but i won't go crazy about it! c:

if the scratching continues for another few days as well as the poop, i'll definitely take him to the vet again for a mite checkup. i'm hoping the bath will help- considering it was his first. he seems to enjoy being nice and clean

thanks again so much!

first-time hedgie owner since April 2012!
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