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Yeah I have several liners now. I bought one set on etsy months ago, but liked the idea so much that I have made 5 more sets for each section of the cage. I can imagine you go through them quickly and need to have a lot of extras. The shampoo works out well because that is what I use for myself. I need to get the nail clippers though. Do you have a source for good hedgie bags? I don't have those yet... and yeah the wheel came with the tray.

As to food... is there a kind that you guys like best? Some brands I have seen recommended are Innova reduced fat, Natural Balance Green Pea and Duck, and By Nature Organics Chicken, these with the Blue Buffalo are about the only ones I can get local (don't mind driving a couple of hours though if its better for him).

I want to thank you guys for your replies. I went to a pet store (private not a chain) and asked questions when I first was looking into getting a hedgie (almost a year ago), and they seriously lack education on the care of the little critters. Since then I have been collecting information from the net (this site being a major portion of it). I still feel very nervous though. I want to be a good hedgie keeper. Your responses are very much appreciated. Thank you.
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