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Looks like you're very well prepared! I would suggest a litter tray that can go underneath the wheel, which can be instead of or in addition to the corner one. They poop and pee as they run, so you'll want something under the wheel, even if it's just a smaller piece of fleece, to catch the run-off. It makes cleaning a lot easier.The most popular stuff for litter trays is either yesterday's news or just paper towel.

I'd also suggest a hedgie bag - they're invaluable for bonding with a new hedgehog, and my boy prefers to sleep in his instead of anything hard-sided like an igloo. I personally have multiple of those, and also multiple liners. For the liners, especially, it's helpful to have enough so that you can switch them out as necessary but not have to do a load of laundry just for the purpose of cleaning them. 3-4 sets of liners is perfect, in my opinion. And on that note, if you don't already use something unscented, you'll need unscented laundry detergent. Also, Aveeno baby oatmeal bath wash is a favorite here for bath time. Normal small nail clippers can work fine, but I always recommend cuticle clippers - they're a lot easier to work with and see what you're doing.

If you haven't yet, check out the sticky in the diet section about dry foods. Blue Buffalo is a good choice, but some of the varieties of Blue Buffalo are too high in protein.

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