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I am getting ready to bring my first hedgie home and I have been preparing for months for it, but I want to make sure I have everything I need so I was hoping maybe you all would let me know if I am overlooking something? It would be a great help (and relief).

1. Cage- 3 sterilite clear totes, with PVC pipe connecting. Fleece fabric liners for inside the cage sections.
2. Playpen- 3 foot plastic swimming pool. 16" sides.
3. Wheel- Carolina Storm Wheel (gifted by a good friend).
4. Bowls- Food and Water (smaller ones) Not sure on the whole bowl vs. water bottle thing yet.
5. Igloo (with cover)
6. Ferret corner litter box (not sure what to use as litter yet..so many conflicting ideas)
7. Toys- toilet paper rolls (with ends sliced), some baby toys the grandson has outgrown, and PVC pipe.
8. Food- haven't bought yet (didn't want it to go bad) Suggestions? I was thinking Blue Buffalo
9. I have a supplier for silkworms
10. I have a space heater that runs on a thermometer. It can sit up and away from the playpen. Solar power backup.
11. Rice bags for emergency warming.
12. Travel carrier (hard sided, but liners for it). Can be buckled in.
13. First aid kit. Have a question about hydrogen peroxide though... allergic to it. Is Alcohol safe?

Okay that is it for now, unless you guys have suggestions. I want to be fully ready when I finally bring him home.
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