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Default Re: Is Beach Bum Hedgehogs ACTUALLY a good breeder?

I don't think many breeders are able to make much of a statement in regards to whether or not they are a good breeder-- that can be very subjective. I have no personal experience with Beach Bum Hedgies, so I can't provide any info one way or another, but I looked over their webpage. I know several very good breeders who almost always have babies available. Maybe not dozens at all times, but a lot of breeders try to have multiple litters at once (that way if one litter gets rejected, they can divide the babies between the other two mamas and they have a better chance of surviving).
Personally, I feel more comfortable buying from a breeder who is a little picky about who they sell to, but apart from that, there are only one or two things that would concern me.
They don't seem to NOT recommend fleece liners, they just say that is an option. Many pet owners have kept their hedgies on aspen or carefresh without incident-- while fleece is obviously recommended, I also don't consider Carefresh a bad option as long as you toss it first to get rid of excess dust, and your hedgehog doesn't eat it. I don't like aspen because of my own bad experiences with it, but again, others have used it without incident. I don't necessarily think mentioning aspen makes them a bad breeder. Water bottles are another thing that, though crocks are recommended for several reasons and I personally prefer them, I know many people have used without incident. The food is honestly the most concerning to me, just because I would worry about the health of babies who were not getting adequate nutrition from mama or mama's milk. If you will be using these babies for breeding, that is something to consider. There are many wonderful breeders in the US to choose from... if you're not 100% sure that you feel safe using one particular breeder, then I would suggest choosing another, or to continue searching until you find someone you do feel comfortable with. It's really a matter of what your own personal preferences are.
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