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Default Is Beach Bum Hedgehogs ACTUALLY a good breeder?

I'm bringing 3 hedgehogs up from the USA and looking into getting one or two from Beach Bum Hedgehogs. Before I was very sure about them, but not I'm getting skeptical.

-They ALWAYS have dozens of babies available.
-They don't ask any questions about you before you buy.
-They recommend against using fabric liners.
-They sell "hedgehog safe" products on their website which are dangerous or not recommend.
Chumba Wheel - Dangerous
Silent Spinner - Dangerous
Aspen Bedding - Better options but no big deal
Carefresh - No recommend
OctoPlay - Legs are too small for a hedgehog, they get stuck.
Water bottles - Can be dangerous
Spikes Delite Ultra/Pro/Premium - "A super choice for any hedgehog", "An excellent food", "Most advanced formula of hedgehog food" Need I say more?
Sun Vita Hedgehog Formula - "Outstanding choice for your pet"
Run About Ball - Dangerous/Not recommended
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