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Default Re: Ideas and questions before I adopt!

For a cage that size, you'll most likely need two.

And what I meant is that him being squeamish is making you have to wash liners by hand, which is silly. If he doesn't want them going in the washing machine, he should do the hand-washing, not make you do more work, haha.

Golf balls can work also. Some hedgehogs like the bell sound of cat balls, some might prefer a ball that doesn't jingle. Weight isn't an issue one way or another. Just avoid sharp/pointy edges, anything they could get their mouth stuck on (which is why I said cat balls shouldn't have slits in the sides), or anything small enough that it could be swallowed. Keep in mind a lot of hedgehogs have minimal interest in toys, just like some have no interest in any foods besides kibble. (My Archimedes is one of them, in both cases.)

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