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Default Re: New Hedgehog Owner! He has bad diarrhea, NEED HELP

Is it diarrhea or just poop splattered on his wheel in the morning? (Just to clarify - in your most recent post you said you "wake up every morning to a mess".) Do you mean he's having diarrhea in addition to that? Is it diarrhea as in kind of loose, soft poop, or watery/liquid-ish poop?

I'm no vet, but I've never heard of diarrhea caused by dehydration - it causes dehydration. Given that dehydration means not having enough water in the body, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me that that would cause diarrhea, which is poop with an excess of liquid.

Regardless, I agree with DasIgelPoggie - if he's behaving normally otherwise, it's most likely an upset stomach from the new situation and change of food. The food transition might have been too fast, especially since you already have him on two new foods and have gotten rid of the old one, all in the course of a few weeks.

Also, which Blue Buffalo and Wellness versions are you using? Wellness especially can be too rich for some hedgehogs and cause upset stomach.

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