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Default Re: New hedgehog acting a bit strange

Count his kibble for the night and make sure he is actually eating. Have you counted/weighed his kibble prior to this? Do you know how much he normally eats? If not, start now, you must make sure he is eating. If he hasn't eaten much by tomorrow, syringe feed, and call the vet and ask for advice. What food are you feeding? Same as before you bought him? Did you try putting food in front of him to see if he'll eat?

I know that 2-2 is 12 hours, however, they tend to naturally go to bed earlier, at around 5-7am. so with lights out being at 2am, it's possible that your boy may only be awake for 2-5 hours before having to hide again. Unless, like I said above, you know for a fact that he stays up longer.
When I had my boy in my bedroom, lights off at 9pm, he'd wake at 9:30, go back to nap at 11pm, wake again at 2am and he goes all night till about 5am, sometimes 6am. So the problem would be... what if your boy wakes up at around 2:30am, and goes to bed at 5. That's less than 3 hours of "awake" time. And especially now, even without seeing the sun, those birds in the morning are loud lol Many things to signify morning.
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