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Default Re: New hedgehog acting a bit strange

This doesn't sound normal.
Do you have a lighting schedule?
Is it completely dark at night?
How old?
Has he been eating at all? Drinking? If not, he's getting to the point where fatty liver disease could start setting in, and you'll have to syringe feed him, and syringe him water as well, as dehydration is dangerous for babies.

Can he walk at all? Movement in his legs?
It may be wise to call the vet in the morning. When a prey animal flops to their side and not move, especially in a new environment, with a (dangerous) human looming over them, he should have scurried. Prey animals scurry and hide as quickly as possible, usually, though some do "play dead". Turn off all the lights, don't make a sound, and see if he scurries and moves. If not, I would definitely call the vet in the morning.
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