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Default New hedgehog acting a bit strange

Hi there! I just got my baby on Sunday, and brought him home~ He's been pretty anti-social, doesn't seem to really be eating or drinking, and doesn't seem to be soiling his cage. I found one solitary piece of waste on his wheel, but other than that, I have no signs that he's been wheeling. He's still very hissy and prickly when I try to get him out of his cage, but I definitely understand that this is all normal.

Tonight however, he's acting really weird. I took him out for a bit of playtime and he was really reserved, more so than usual. Again, I understand he's getting used to me, so this is totally normal. I put him back in his cage, on his wheel, and he just sat there. Over the next 30 minutes, he inched towards the side of the wheel.

Now he's laying in his litter, on his side, his belly facing the edge of the pan. This seems odd D: Should I be worried ;-;?
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