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RubeusTheHedgehog 07-21-2019 03:25 PM

Dig box?
Hey everyone! Im back after 2 years! Rubeus will soon be turning 3, and i expanded his cage and am wondering about making a dig box. His hut in his cage is stuffed with fabric for him to burrow in, but i was wondering if he would enjoy digging. A long while ago i had ferrets and they had a rice dig box and i was wondering if this was hedgehog safe? Of course you would have to change rice in it and clean it out, but i thought it would be easy to dig in. Another thought i had was sand. Are these good options, or should i just go for fabric?

akitka 07-21-2019 04:55 PM

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Hedges love dig boxes so it’s a great idea to add to their house! Sand is great as long as it is not too fine/dusty. You can get chinchilla sand at most pet shops ( but avoid chinchilla dust) and I know some people use play sand and bake it for a bit to sterilise it. I think I heard about someone using oats once.. but rice seems like a good idea to me!

Emc 07-21-2019 05:41 PM

Sand is safe, so long as it's high quality. I personally prefer chinchilla bathing sand (not dust!) over play sand, because I find that the play sand has large particles and the chinchilla sand just does an overall better job at cleaning oily skin. My hog has both a sand bath and also a dig box filled with Arcadia Earthmix; she makes a total mess of it and kicks it all over the floor, but its her favourite thing in the world.

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