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Default Re: pet stores and their ignorance >:(

Hmmmm.....I don't know about persuading the pet store owner, but maybe if you go in there and ask to bathe, clean his cage, trim his nails, etc. maybe he can see that you are truly concerned about the hedgie's welfare and that you have the animals best interest at heart. I've always felt that badgering someone into submission will only make them dig their heals in. If he sees that you just want to help the little guy, you talk to him about how generous it was that he provided shelter for this poor breeder, and how knowledgeable you are about them, then maybe he'll let you take him home 2 weeks early with a payment contract or something. Hang in there. Honey attracts more flies than vinegar. (although, i don't know who wants to attract flies.....maybe a frog?) Best wishes.

~Everyone deserves a forever home.~

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