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Default pet stores and their ignorance >:(

recently i was in a pet store and they have a poor hedgehog in there that the girl working said has been there for a couple months that someone gave to them cause it was "mean" and the other girl working said "it" was a breeder hedgehog that someone gave to them. noone in the store can get it to open up long enough to find out the sex, its covered in grossness, and im sure it needs its nails trimmed, as noone there has even seen its face! He has a crappy diet that appears to be wetted down hard food (pretty big, chunks like dog food?) and tons of meal worms mixed in. Im determined to get this hedgehog, i dont have the money theyre asking for it and a second cage for another couple weeks, as some unexpected bills came up so I am harrassing the owner of the store to try to give me this hedgehog so he doesnt have to live another two weeks in this horrible condition. it drives me crazy that things like this happen cause people see a hedgehog as a "cool" pet thinking that it would be as simple as taking care of a gold fish.! and with absolutely no knowledge. My husband and I did research for months before purchasing our hedgehog, Sonic (my father in law insisted we name him that haha). We've had him for a little over 5 months and I cant get enough of him, and im constantly trying to learn more! I really hope i can convince the store owner that this would be the right thing to do. I plan on being presistant with this, and doing as much as I can. If I do not hear back from them soon, i am going to have friends complain to the store about the lack of care. Im so scared theyre just going to write me off and not change anything for the hedgie. any suggestions on how to uhm. persuede this store owner to allow me to give this hedgie a good home now?
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