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Default Re: Long-Eared Hedgies

Hmmm. Oregon's Dept. of Fish and Wildlife says Eurasian hedgehogs (Erinaceus sp.) are prohibited, but you can keep African Pygmy Hedgehogs (Atelerix albiventris) without a permit. (http://www.dfw.state.or.us/OARs/56.pdf) Nothing there about long-eared hedgehogs (Hemiechinus auritus).

Interestingly (well interesting to me), the only court cases in Oregon that mention the word "hedgehog" are talking about Alice in Wonderland and the Sega game.

I'm not seeing anything about it being federally banned or protected. They aren't endangered, so that's a good sign.

So it's not clear from the law I can see online. I'd suggest calling Oregon DFW and asking their opinion. Also check with your town. Sometimes animals are permitted by a state, but outlawed by a municipality.

Are you able to get them in Oregon? I feel like all of the pictures I see of long ears are posted by people in the UK.

(Edited to add: I don't think I need a disclaimer on this, but just in case I am a law student, not a lawyer, this isn't legal advice, just research done to amuse me, etc, etc.)
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