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Default Super proud hedgehog mama!

My hedgie, Millie, is usually very shy and won't come out of her igloo if there's people around. Lately, I've been trying to fix that by taking her out every day, letting her roam my flat freely and always having her snuggled on me whenever I sit down to watch tv, or use the computer.

At first I had doubts about whether or not she was using her wheel, as she used to when we first got her. I figured she might have outgrown the one we initially bought her so I bought her the flying saucer wheel. She took to it straight away, but she'd only ever go on after I'd gone to bed in the other room, and it was completely dark in the living room (where her cage is).

Last night, we were sitting in the living room watching tv, with the lights dimmed and suddenly Millie crept out of her igloo and began running on her wheel, even though we were right there watching! We were so proud of her, and I just wanted to share this so that other people who have shy hedgies see that taking the time to spend some quality time with your hedgie really does get you there. My Millie follows me around my flat now and doesn't mind when I pick her up, I've noticed a gradual change in her over time after making extra effort and I'm just super happy that it is paying off!
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