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Default Re: Another poo question!

Sounds like Persephone and Diggory are a lot alike. Persephone had two days last week that she had no discernible poo in her cage at all. I think it was cuz I was a bad mommy and gave her too many mealies...I just have such a hard time saying no to that cute face! So, I left some pumpkin out and left myself a note not to give her so many mealies at once

Anyway, I dream about her not pooping enough,(and I dream about her dying, getting squished and getting stolen...I guess I'm a bit neurotic). But it turns out she fixes it after a few days. I think we sometimes worry more than we should. Persephone has days where she poops like a champ and other days that there is so little, I think I must be doing something terribly wrong and she is going to die of constipation.

I'm not an expert, by any means. I have had exactly one hedgie who is now six months old. But, I love her and worry myself silly over her. I didn't worry about my son (who is now 20 and did not die of constipation. Yay, me!) this much. I guess what I'm trying to say enjoy him, and don't just worry cuz time goes by so fast.

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