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Originally Posted by LizardGirl
I'm a huge fan of Amazon and eBay. For pet stuff it really depends though. Stuff like wheels and bedding I'd buy custom made, but things like dishes I get in thrift stores for super cheap. I've heard good things about this site for food: http://www.petfooddirect.com/ For cages, I custom build or just try as many sites as I can to find one that offers the cage I want for the cheapest. Otherwise, I'm a huge fan of buying used cages off craigslist or in thrift stores, though I'm not sure what similar places there are, in Japan.
Yes the problem with Japan is I do not know of any places like that. Im stationed here so usually people just tend to sell things between each other and Not many people seem to have hedgies. I am getting a 3 month old and I bought the largest wheel they had at the moment and I guess its an equivelant to a med size hamster wheel. I am not sure if i should put it in yet or just wait for the wheel in the mail. Mind you that it will take about 2 weeks to get here. I custom build one out of a 77" bin did the air holes in the side and cut out the top and duct taped the edges on the top so he cant get hurt. I am going to be trying that until he doesnt seem to like it or I imagine he might get tired of that space so I have another tub and PVC piping that I will be doing. I could also just section it off. But It might be that Amazon doesnt ship to FPO/AP pet supplies. I guess i will just look around at peoples wheels that they are selling. Also I really enjoyed your book. Seems like it has alot of the forums wrapped in a covient book.
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