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Default My New Baby!

I brought home my new baby tonight. A rescue ended up appearing locally, so I decided to take it on. I don't know if its a male or female or how old it is.... I feel bad calling it an "it", so we'll say "he". He's pretty scared. I'm taking him to the vet on Thursday. Hopefully they can tell me so I can come up with a name! He's really scared, but I was able to give him a quick bath. I wouldn't have normally done it on the first night, but there were roaches crawling on him from the bedding being so dirty. He was in horrific conditions. Here's a pic! He's currently curled up with his luvee in his igloo. This was when he was exploring his cage.

http://i1121.photobucket.com/albums/l51 ... hedgie.png
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