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Default Re: holy 25 gram wieght gain!

Originally Posted by GoodandPlenty
Sophie will be 10 weeks old on Monday. I've been weighing her on Monday afternoons (post poop).

6 weeks: 146 grams

7 weeks: 182 grams (+36)

8 weeks: 220 grams (+38)

9 weeks: 242 grams (+22)

10 weeks: ?? (The first several days, she was eating about 6 grams a night. She has steadily been increasing her consumption, and is eating 14 - 18 grams a night now. She would eat 100% of the Chicken Soup if I let her, so she gets a 'ration' of 8 or 10 grams (which she always eats first and entirely) and then fills up with Solid Gold.)

I don't know how much difference a pre-poop weigh-in would show. Maybe I'll weigh her twice tomorrow. She usually takes two big poops, one big pee, and two or three small poops - then she's ready for cuddling..
Since you've had her since she was 6 weeks old, the chance of her being pregnant is just about zero.
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