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Default Re: Thinking of getting a baby hedgie

Having two girls means that you can have them out together, perhaps for play time, or cuddling one while the other plays in a safe area. Having two girls doesn't increase the chance they'll get along though - it only means that you won't have to worry about keeping them completely separated to avoid babies, as you would if you got a male. For that reason, I would highly recommend against housing an older hedgie and a baby together. With females, there's a chance that they'll get along and do fine in the same cage. There's also a chance that they'll instantly show displeasure at the idea and you'll separate them immediately. Unfortunately, there's also the chance that they'll seem to be doing fine, and then have a fight when you're not around to intervene. There was a user on here who had her older female killed by her younger one. It was a very upsetting situation to read about, much less have to live through! So I'd personally play it safe and don't even try to keep them in the same cage. Let them each have their own living space and then you can try introducing them during play times.
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