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Default Re: I've had hedgehogs for years but new to this forum

It's actually a she...and thank you..she's adorable. Her name is actually Barlw(long story), but we call her Bee. She's still quite healthy even though she's getting up there in age, and we think she will easily surpass the normal lifespan which I'm relieved about lol.

We were very considerate of her care though. Even during winters when our house would be a little cooler, but not dangerously enough to cause hibernation, we would still leave a portable heater on nearby and she was always fine and would even run in her wheel when it would get really cold sometimes.

She's also incredibly friendly, but shy, however she's never bit anyone. There's more videos of her on my Youtube page too, which at this point is primarily dedicated to her lol.

Here's when we gave her a bath http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmCV2t0KtyQ

She was not pleased haha
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