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Default Got my hedgie, couple questions

So I picked up my little guy on saturday morning. Hes 6 weeks. I left him alone for the most part saturday, I did handle him a little at the breeders before I took him home.

He seems to be doing fine, hes very scared obviously though. He balls up a lot and makes air hose noises. Hes been eating and drinking and wheeling.

I've taken him out once during the day to clean his cage, and once at night for all 3 days I've had him. Hes very scared but does explore a tiny bit.. last night I tried to take him out and he would have no part of it. Seems backwards to me that hes getting more scared? I dont know I tried a few times to get at him and it was a no go so I just left him alone. I'm sure its just because hes young and scared right and I should just continue trying every day? I really am worried about having a grumpy unsocializeable hedgie.
Today though I took him out and cleaned his cage and wheel. He hid in a ball and wouldnt do anything until I came up with an idea. The food the breeder was feeding him has dried mealworms in it. I know those arent good for them and i'm in the process of weaning him off that food but he LOVES these dried meal worms. Took my tweezers and held one in front of him, he popped out of his ball and ate it right up lol. Then he was fine wandering and exploring with minimal crowning and puffing. Gave him his first foot bath and it went pretty well too
Got his poop off his feet. I dried him as much as i could with a paper towel and then popped him back in his cage and he buried into his kleenex box and fleece and went to sleep.


She was keeping him at 72 degrees and warned me not to keep him higher then that or i'd over heat him.. its a very warm march here and its 20+ degrees outside. His cage is from 74-77 degrees throughout the days. He seems perfectly fine but I just thought i'd mention that.. I have a che on his cage but obviously it hasnt been on once since I got him.

I'm trying to wean him off the food she had him on.. friskies cat food and some other crap cat food and a lot of dried meal worms and krill? I dunno. He LOVES it. Problem is, hes digging through the food I got him (chicken soup for the cat lovers soul light) and eating the crap.. should I just keep trying and eventually he'll eat it? He also loves hard boiled egg, and i'm going to get him some live meal worms today to help with bonding.

I think thats the only questions I have right now. Am I doing the bonding thing right? Should I be actually holding and handling him more than just letting him run around? Hes a squirmer.

Sorry this is so long, thanks for any responses.

Heres a picture as a reward lol. First foot bath.


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