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Default Re: WAY off topic but need some advice

Originally Posted by EinsteinsMama
Don't let the aspberger's define who you are. You are you, and will always be you; nothing can change that. Remember to breathe when you get frustrated and find creative ways to express your frustration. My sister was diagnosed with Aspberger's when she was 12; she's 28 now. When she gets frustrated, she draws out her emotions and by the end, she's feeling just fine. The artwork she does is amazing and it's a very healthy and calm way to express what she's feeling.

I wish you all the best hun, and I know you'll be just fine!

Thank you very much! This is very helpful and modicating I also do artwork, its all zoning the hedgehog based but it's been 2 years straight of it. I'm proud of myself but my dad doesn't like it...
I will remember to stay in my own personality, thanks again ^^
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