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Default WAY off topic but need some advice

Greetings hhc ^^ Ive been on this site for almost a year now and had some awesome pet advice which helped out alot! Now I just need some advice from experienced people about something else.

I was recently diagnosed with aspergers, for those of you who do not know what aspergers is, it's a high functioning autism, people with aspergers tend to make little eye contact, have trouble making friends, and become obbsessed with one topic or object (mine is sonic the hedgehog and human behavior) there are lots more symptoms but theyre difficult to remember, anyhow I just found out about my aspergers,And even though I had it all my life, it still comes as a struggle and a hard understanding to me. Like most things I can't understand or curious about, I researched aspergers. I've been reaserching for 3 days now and still have no idea what to make of it.

The news wasn't a shock to me because i knew something wasn't right. I have mentioned and apologized to people about my disliking and discomfort to look people in the eyes, during a conversation. People often complain that my voice is to loud and I have lost friends because of that, and most of all I always had afwul hand-I-cordnation.

So to get to my point, if anyone has expeirience with high function autism, id be more then happy for some tips, advice and facts.
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