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Default Re: I'm allergic to my job.

Can you take allergy pills or wear gloves? I am allergic to it seems everything and there are some allergy meds that have helped in the past when I had to come in contact with certain things.

But also I must admit I was allergic to my last job too! I've been away from that environment for one month today! WHOOOHOO!! And my skin has clearing up for the first time in over a year, I'm sleeping through the night, my constant cough is gone... wow! So much better. Fingers crossed wherever my new employment is there are no reactions. :P

Oh just a thought, if you are expecting you can't take allergy pills. There is nothing wrong with white cotton gloves, wouldn't that make you look all hoity toity when dealing with the cigars? I know I've seen cigar attendants wear gloves before, my stepdad who is in the US used to make me go and get him fancy cubans all the time as they are available here in Canada. :P
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